It is very important that you regularly stimulate your relaxation response in your autonomic nervous system. If you are triggering your stress response regularly or continually your body produces stress hormones which pump round your body producing the physical effects and can eventually lead to ‘burn out’. This happened to me as a mental health social worker in the NHS (national health service) and I ended up with many years of crippling chronic fatige syndrome. I had heard of ‘burn out’ but I did not comprehend the life changing results that would occur from it.

If you are feeling ‘wired / anxious’ the best thing to do is go for a power walk or jump up and down to dissipate the stress hormones in your body.

So choose what you want to do regularly to stimulate your relaxation response; yoga, meditation, guided visulaisations, hypnosis recordings, soothing bath, walk, exercise, listen to relaxing music, be creative, do a hobby etc. Make it an important part of your routine for your health, FOR YOU!