My motto for my business and the name of my book is ‘Free Your Mind: Change Your Life’! When you free not only your mind but your body too, it does change your life.

Forgiving is a very important stage to moving forward. When you hold onto un-forgiveness it literally rots away inside you causing dis-ease in your mind or body causing a disease. I carried un-forgiveness inside me towards others and I for years and I know it seriously contributed to the M.E I endured for 11 years. I am free now though!

Maybe you are thinking that there is no way that you will forgive someone or an organisation etc. That is a natural reaction but you are literally holding onto a ball of negativity that could make you ill.

Think of it this way; ‘is the person or organisation that you do not want to forgive affected by you not forgiving them?’ Most of the time they are not affected at all, it only hurts you; over and over again.

I use a technique with clients to support them to imagine forgiving someone as often people do not want to do that in reality or the person may be dead or an organisation has hurt them and it seems impossible to do anything about it. This is very powerful as they then let go and move on. Otherwise, you are constantly looking back to the past, which we cannot change of course. Wishing you had said this or done that. This is where depression can start; looking back to the past spiralling down and missing out on your present life which you then regret.

This is all part of being RESPONSIBLE for what you think, feel and how you act and their consequences.

So step back and look at whether you need to forgive anybody or yourself?

Write it down, it helps to see it rather than just churning over dragging you down.

I needed to forgive others and myself, I was beating myself up on things I had done which I regretted and held it against myself. I did not want to forgive others but once I realised that it would free me I did it and am so happy I did! The un-forgiveness was all caught up in blaming people for not only what they did in the past that affected me but for all the decisions I had made since!

Does that resonate with you at all?

If it does, go for it and forgive!

During the technique, I say that what the person did was not right and what you are saying to them is that you CHOOSE to no longer let it affect you; this is the powerful KEY to forgiveness.

The memory of whatever it was that happened no longer has the heavy weight of un-forgiveness attached to it. You feel lighter and brighter leaving space for the new to come into your life.

We can subconsciously hang onto all sorts of issues and they literally end up in the tissues in our bodies, as emotions are an energy which again causes dis-ease or blockages in our body, manifesting disease. Also, our bodies can hold onto trauma in our tissues, like a car accident or a miscarriage.

I used to hold tension and anxiety in my gut and I ended up with gut issues including irritable bowel syndrome. My gut is healing now as I released the emotions and trauma that I was subconsciously holding onto. Our bodies are amazing but we need to look after them.