There is so much talk about new year’s resolutions but how many people actually stick to them I wonder! Are you someone that makes a resolution and then gives up?

I support people to set their positive intentions all year round and to break down their goals into action steps to work towards.

Here are some TOP TIPS on setting your positive intentions for what you want from your life;

1) Focus on your END goals; they are ‘how do you want to feel’? I.e.; content, fulfilled, motivated, inspired, free, confident etc.

2) Then write down your MEANS goals; what is it that will help you feel that way, is it a new job, car, volunteering etc.

Then break down your goals into steps if necessary to how you are going to get there; what can you do within the next 24 hours / 1 week / month / year etc.

3) Write it down and pin it up so that you can see it every day to keep you on track. Put reminders in your diary or phone. Tell others so that they can support you and motivate you.

4) Imagine you are already living that life. Look at that car you want, research training courses, buy books, learn what you need to, to get you there, watch free webinars online etc.

5) Be CONSISTENT and PERSISTENT, this produces your desired results.

6) Identify any negative beliefs or fears that are holding you back and get support if necessary to change these on a subconscious level.

7) Celebrate any little move forward (rather than what is still to do!).

YOU CAN DO IT! Why stay doing the same old thing if you don’t like it?

‘If you keep doing what you are doing: you will keep getting what you are getting!’

Do you relate to this saying? Do you keep doing the same things in life and feel frustrated because you get the same results. This is a sure sign that you need to change what you are doing.

We all have bills to pay and responsibilities, so change may take a while but ultimately it is your CHOICE. You either continue living as you are which may not be what you want any more or you positively make small changes consistently towards your goals.

I went to university aged 32, I had to move, do lots of different jobs in the evenings and weekends but I did all that with my goal firmly in my mind driving me forward and I reached my goal after 3 years.

At this stage it may be that you just buy a second hand book and look into what you want to do.

Imagine for a few moments; you are old, nearing the end of your life. Would you be regretting not doing things; following your dreams, changing your job, doing a hobby, avoiding things as it was too frightening.

I worked on a stroke rehabilitation ward supporting patients with psychological issues after the stroke. People who were dying would tell me their regrets and made me promise them that I would follow my dreams, and I have thank goodness. It is never too late to move towards what you want, it may take time but imagine how good you will feel. Not everyone has unfulfilled dreams but you may want to make small changes to your life. You may not know what it is you want to do but feel an empty feeling inside; be aware and something will click and you will know what it is.