What does Christmas mean to you?

Giving? Sharing? Happy times? Seeing loved ones? Rest and Relaxation? Spiritual meaning?


Stress? Over spending? Exhaustion? Difficult family dynamics? Shopping? Sad memories?

So many people tell me that they do not look forward to Christmas or that they actually dread it. It is such a shame.

I feel sad that generally consumerism has taken over Christmas and that most people seem to go along with the spend, spend, spend attitude that the shops want us to go along with. Years ago I decided to suggest to my friends that we meet up and enjoy quality time together rather than buying for each other; they were relieved! It is so special to do this and we are so lucky that we have everything that we need generally. During the year if I see something then I will buy it for them and it means much more for both of us. This then leaves Christmas as a lovely time to see who I want to, to give to local causes, volunteer, rest and celebrate and watch cheesy Christmas films in my pyjamas!

This time of year also brings out the ‘I should’ do this / see them/ buy for them etc. A great way of giving gifts is to do a family or friends secret santa where you just buy one present for 1 person with a rough spend limit and everyone gets one.

On ‘The Story of Stuff’ (.org), Annie Leonard states that only 1 % of stuff given at Christmas is still in use 6 months after being purchased; so sad. I avoid buying the silly stuff that can just end up in landfill.

Self – care is SO important so why not give yourself the gift of freedom and look after yourself this Christmas to spend it with who you want to and do what you want; with some compromises of course!

Festive love and Peace