Well it was a lovely sunny morning here in Norfolk! To be able to feel the sun on my face and hear the birds singing on the 1st of March I started to get a spring in my step!!

This all feels even more special after 11 years of M.E holding me back and making walks in the countryside an exhausting and draining experience. No longer thank god! I feel so happy to be alive and all the small things mean so much to me. Being stuck in a debilitating cycle of illness for so long certainly opened my eyes, mind and heart to a different way of living. Living in the present moment and realising how important it is to have gratitiude for everything and everybody in my life. The new life that I have created allows me time to really live in the moment. Never again will I fill my time up with rushing around and not stopping to really live…… Gosh it feels so good to write that!!

We all have control over our choices of what we bring into our life, how big our mortgage is, how much we take on…. Technology is there to help give us more time but so many people around me just take on even more and wonder why they are ill, exhausted and unhappy. I know I can sit and say this easily now that I have stepped out of that cycle!!

Liberate yourself and really live! x