Energy 4 Life Wellness Coaching

Do you want more energy?

Is stress and negative thinking draining you?

You can have a healthy balanced life!

What is Wellness Coaching?

This is a complete natural healthcare system that is tailored to your needs. If one area of your life is out of balance it affects the rest! I can support you to move from where you are now to where you want to be in your life.

I can support you on your journey of positive change and to choose and commit to your goals.

The benefits of Wellness Coaching are to;

  • Reduce stress and to learn how to relax
  • Create a healthy work – life balance
  • Raise your energy levels
  • Enhance your health and wellbeing generally
  • Help to promote good health (you may have received a warning from your doctor about a health issue or your family have a susceptibility to an illness)
  • Restore and re-balance your health (after a bout of illness or to promote recovery from a long term illness or after a trauma or burn out
  • Take more control over your long term condition
  • Maintain your existing good health
  • Reach your ideal healthy weight and retain it

How is this done?

Energy 4 Life uses four modalities depending on what you need and which modalities you would like to use. These modalities promote a healthy balance in your mind and body increasing your energy levels.

The modalities are;

  • Energy Psychology uses techniques to look at your beliefs, thought patterns and negative statements that hold you back in life. Positive thought and mind processes enables people to make deep and lasting change
  • Energy Balance uses alignment techniques that instantly affect the nervous system inducing deep relaxation and meditation. It balances emotions and promotes energy flow
  • Energy Exercises use specific yoga postures and energy exercises designed to develop physical health, increase body awareness and enhance the flow of energy
  • Energy Foods looks at the subtle energetics of food, nutritional health and detoxification to promote good health and positive energy management

You can change your life and you can heal yourself.

Michael Bernard Beckwith

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