Do you put everyone else’s needs before your own?

This is very common! We all need to put our needs first so that we are rested, calm and feeling in control of our life so that we can support others around us, plus we then set a good example to others that it is more than ok to do this; it is actually essential!

What you can do to put your needs first;

  • Believe that you are worthy of meeting your needs first. If you have a strong negative belief about this seek support to change it as it is so important.
  • Factor in small changes like telling your family not to disturb you while you are in the bath!
  • Learn to say NO! So many of us don’t want to say no to others and end up doing things that we might begrudge.
  • Listen to your body; when it says it is stressed or tired and look after YOURSELF!
  • Remember that your goals are valid too and that your family can adapt to what you want to do.
  • The more you do all of this, the people around you will RESPECT you more.
  • It is very powerful; watch how others change towards you!