Past Life Regression

  • Do you have issues that seem unexplained in this life?
  • Have you felt like you have lived somewhere before?
  • Are you curious about what past lives you have lived?

Past life regression is a therapeutic technique used under Hypnosis which brings you into a place of focus to access your past lives, where you are actively participating and communicating with me as I guide you on your journey back. Sometimes, metaphors are shown to you rather than a past life, either way I support you to make sense of it.

I work with you as a whole, not only just with your mind and body but with your soul too. This can bring about healing or support you in your personal growth.

If you experienced a trauma or grief in a past life it can affect you in this life, this style of therapy can support you to resolve or leave the issues in the past life so that it does not affect you in your present life. I have witnessed huge relief from clients using this style of regression and have experienced massive releases personally.

Past life regression can support you with;

  • An unexplained attraction to a place or person
  • Clearing vivid dreams or nightmares
  • Chronic unexplained illness
  • Déjà vu experiences
  • Feeling stuck or lost in your life
  • Unexplained feelings or a sense of knowing
  • An unexplained phobia or fear

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