Alcohol, spicy foods, fatty foods (as it is harder to digest), coffee and caffeine 4 – 6 hours before bed. Dark chocolate (5 hours before bed) as it also contains caffeine and theobromine; another stimulant increasing your heart rate and sleeplessness).

  1. Cherries; fresh and dried are one of the only natural food sources of Melatonin; the chemical that controls the bodies internal clock to regulate sleep.
  2. Almonds; a handful of heart healthy nuts, contain Tryptophan and muscle relaxing magnesium. Protein maintains stable blood sugar levels.
  3. Honey; a little glucose tells the brain to turn off Orexin neurotransmitters linked to alertness; it promotes relaxation.
  4. Bananas; are like a sleeping pill in a skin! Providing Potassium and Magnesium which are natural muscle relaxants and the amino acids L-Tryptophan gets converted to 5-HTP which gets converted to Serotonin (relaxing neurotransmitter) and Melatonin.

Sleep well!