Are you ready to put Fear in its place?

Have you ever leapt into the unknown of life?

Isn’t it amazing when you have done something and you say to yourself; wow that was much better than I thought it would be!

Have you stared your fears right in the face and kept moving forward through it anyway?

When we were cave men and women we needed the stress response of flight or fight when we were confronted by a wild animal, and also nowadays, if there is an imminent threat to our safety. Often these perceived threats are only in our minds about something that might or might not happen in the future, often about something that is unlikely to happen but we allow it to dominate our thoughts which spirals up into experiencing anxiety in our minds and then it manifests as physical symptoms of anxiety, all from a fear about something that might not happen.

Fear is an emotion that is fuelled by our thoughts. Our thoughts direct our feelings, our feelings direct our actions leading to the consequences of our actions, which may be negative for us and others, all stemming from our thoughts, so it makes sense to watch and change our thoughts.

Fear stops us doing so many things in our lives, it did for me for my whole life until a few years ago when I leapt into the unknown; I was very ill and felt stuck in a very unhappy marriage and medically retired from work and I leapt and it was the best thing I have ever done!!

Yes, you may feel frightened of the unknown and frightened of fear itself! It is like leaping into the unknown but you actually leap onto the path you should have always been on; once you let go and trust life you are then living in your flow; walking your wonderfully authentic path as yourself;  it is AMAZING!

So follow your dreams, be yourself, do what you love doing and live your life to the full without restrictions! You may need help to do this, I did and I am eternally grateful to the Hypnotherapist I saw who supported me on my amazing journey!

We are meant to live an abundant free life but we pick up so many learnt fears whether it is from our experiences, parents, teachers, friends or society. It is important to look at what holds us back and if you no longer want this to happen to do something about it to free yourself from that fear as the more energy we give fear the bigger and stronger it gets.

I have heard people describe fear as standing for;


But I actually like;


Our future experiences can be altered hugely if we allow fear to affect us and stop us from doing things that we want to do that will allow us to grow.

I love Elizabeth Gilbert’s story about fear in her great book ‘Big Magic’; she describes going on a road trip and inviting fear on the bus and giving it a seat and a voice but saying to it that it is not allowed to choose the route and definitely is not allowed to drive! I love this as I thought about what I allow to drive my life and it was a lot of fear about doing new things and making changes outside of my comfort zone. Do you allow fear to drive your life?

Fear used to drive my life every day but now it is driven by love, compassion, positivity and fun! We do have a choice and this comes with awareness.  Make that choice for yourself now and your awareness will start to tell you when you are letting fear drive your life!