We all have a comfort zone; we feel safe in it and it can feel frightening to step out of it. The problem is that your comfort zone either shrinks around you, restricting you and causing more fear or anxiety or it expands positively as you grow as a person. It is very healthy psychologically to do things that stretch you and scares you a bit and to do this regularly!
I support people that have subconsciously allowed their comfort zone to shrink and then the world has become a fearful or anxiety provoking place.
We all have a choice of whether to live from a place of ‘fear’ or ‘positive belief’. You may need to sort out some beliefs that are holding you back, these can be changed in your subconscious mind.
Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by a threat of some kind of danger or pain and we need to experience this as it is there to protect us. When we were cave men and women it was essential for us to feel fear as our lives depended on it as wild animals were common place. In the modern world, we need to understand that we are not experiencing these kinds of threats regularly. Although, sadly some people are experiencing fear regularly due to the cruel actions of others in the different forms of abuse.
So what we are mainly left with is the ‘fear of the unknown’.

I like this meaning;
F- False
E- Evidence

Fear can appear real but it needs to be seen for what it really is.
Write down your answers;

*What does fear mean to you?
*What are you frightened of?
*What do you avoid doing in life as it is scary?
*What has fear stopped you doing in your past?
*Do you regret not doing anything?
*Do you still want to do those things?
* How many times have you done something that has scared you and you look back and think that it was not as scary as you thought it would be?
*So when are you going to step out of your comfort zone?
*What are you going to do that scares you a little?

Take small steps and expand your comfort zone gradually.
Choose to live from a place of positive Belief and go for it and live your life to the full.
Living outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens!
Fear is fuelled by our thoughts. Fear stopped me doing lots of things for my whole life until a few years ago when I leapt into the unknown; I was very ill and felt stuck in a very unhappy marriage in Kent and I was just retired from work. I leapt to Norfolk and it was the best thing I have ever done!
You actually step onto the path of your life that you should have always been on; once you let go and trust life you are then living and being your true self; it is AMAZING!
We learn fears from our experiences, parents, teachers, friends or society. It is great to look at what holds you back and you can get support to free yourself from that fear. As the more thoughts and energy you give fear, the bigger and stronger it gets. The more thoughts and energy you give your positive beliefs the bigger and stronger it gets.

It is your CHOICE.