Free Your Mind and Change Your Life with ‘The Maya Method’!


‘The Maya Method‘ is a 6 step proven method that transports you from feeling stuck to living an Abundant Life!

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  • Do you feel stuck in your life?
  • Have you had enough of feeling anxious or unhappy?
  • Are negative thoughts or fears holding you back?

Want to feel confident, happy and in control of your life?

Karen’s transformational programme: ‘The Maya Method’ contains 1 video and 1 hypnosis recording per step, plus 1 pdf to support you on your journey of transformation, to FREE YOUR MIND and CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Step 1: Taking responsibility and having awareness of the roles we take on

Step 2: Forgiveness and releasing unexpressed emotions

Step 3: Transform your self-limiting beliefs

Step 4: Building your self-esteem and reconnecting to your personal power

Step 5: How to thrive and manifest your desired life

Step 6: Create your powerful, positive daily routine


  • Go for it! You deserve to live the abundant life that you want and deserve; feeling confident and happy!


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